Main services within the scope of Labour and Insurance Law (Payrolling) include:
  • remuneration accounting,
  • preparing relevant documentation (including employment contract conclusion and termination),
  • preparing payroll,
  • calculating the amounts of premiums for pension, illness, accidental, health insurance, Labour Fund and Employee Guaranteed Considerations Fund,
  • calculating considerations for illness and maternity as well as remunerations for these,
  • preparing settlement statements within the statutory time frame, nominal monthly reports for each individual insured:  
  • report on the health insurance premiums receivable, 
  • report on considerations paid out and intervals in settling premiums, 
  • monthly report for the insured by the last day of the month following the month to which the report refers,
  • making the relevant notifications and modifications in the notifications of premium payers,
  • ongoing notification to social securities and health insurance about the individuals subject to the premium obligations,
  • notifying the Social Security Office (ZUS) about the members of the family of those insured,
  • giving advice in the scope of social security and health insurance,
  • preparing statements for the income tax monthly advance from the total amount of payments settled (PIT-4),
  • preparing information about income as well as income tax advances collected (PIT 11/8B) and annual tax calculations on the income earned by the taxpayers in the tax year (PIT-40),
  • work time calculation,
  • employee vacation calculation,
  • HR supervision