About Company


Our company was established in 1991 as one of the first such companies in the Silesian Province. It is run by tax advisers: Mr. Leszek Knapczyk (Minister of Finance list entry number 2218) and Mr. Andrzej Kopiec (Minister of Finance list entry number 2679).

Two more tax advisers work in our company namely, Mr. Adam Sochonos (Minister of Finance list entry number 2686) and Mr. Mariusz Loskot (Minister of Finance list entry number 2687). We cooperate with experienced lawyers and legal advisers. We employ economists, labour law and social security specialists, and accountants who perform multi-aspectual verification of the accounting records.

One of our standard services is keeping accounts of economic subjects. Within the frames of this service, an accountant assigned to a particular Client performs bookkeeping activities under a constant supervision of a tax adviser. On the basis of the accounting records, delivered by a Client or collected on his request by one of our employees, adequate entries are made in accordance with the legal requirements. The final result of our work is the submission of tax returns and reports to an appropriate Tax Office (Urząd Skarbowy) in the name of our Client.

We offer help in fulfilling employers' social security obligations from all forms of employment. We can liaise with the Social Security Institution (ZUS) via Internet , using a special software, which saves valuable time of our Clients.

General Information

Only such companies like ours i.e. run by tax advisers can guarantee full safety, because pursuant to the Act of July, 5th 1996 on tax advising, all tax advisers are obliged to take out insurance policy against civil liability. This obligation guarantees a compensation for possible financial losses due to the tax adviser's activity.

Companies not run by tax advisers but e.g. by accountants, are not obliged to take out insurance policy, so possible financial losses have to be covered by the Client. Such companies under the Polish law are not allowed to provide services within the frames of tax advising, which means that they cannot consult with their Clients on tax affairs.